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Wearable Tech For A Practical Problem: Spanish Startup Builds Alert System For Diaper Changing

on November 8, 2013


The current crop of sensor-driven wearables are mostly aimed at quantified selfers who want to geek out over activity or fitness data. Not (generally) because they have a pressing need to, more because they like playing with data. But of course wearable sensors have bags of potential to be very practical. And here’s one utilitarian use of wearable sensor tech that’s aiming to fix a real-world problem.

Barcelona-based startup SiempreSecos (aka AlwaysDry in English) has created a range of silicone urine sensors for use in babies’ nappies, or for older people suffering incontinence disorders. The basic problem is that it’s inconvenient and/or invasive to have to keep checking whether a diaper needs changing.

The reusable silicone moisture sensor, which sits against the skin inside the diaper, is paired with a wearable bracelet or other type of warning device/system such as an alarm clock to alert the carer that a diaper needs changing…

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