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The Family Pool (5)

on November 8, 2013

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Mary Adams peered at the page in the genealogy, by the light of her torch.

The library had become her shrine, and the huge tome her Book of Mysteries; every time she couldn’t sleep at night because of Donny being restless or her hugely pregnant body being simply too uncomfortable in the oppressive early heat of September, she came here and read further in the book.

She had stopped hiding her fascination for the Adams generations from John. He hadn’t once found her in here yet reading the large volume; but she had resolved that all she was doing, was studying the family she had married into. Because there was no real explanation for the morbid fascination that gripped her every time she stole into this room to pull the book from its position. She felt as though she were digging in forbidden information.

The genealogy had…

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