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BitNami Launches MongoDB Stack To Develop Apps As Demand Scales For AWS-Based Services

on November 8, 2013


BitNami has added a MongoDB stack for developers to build web apps on the popular NoSQL database. The stack, available next week, allows developers to deploy and manage either on-premise, through Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Windows Azure.

The Y Combinator alum’s new stack will come integrated with Node.js and be available for free from the BitNami app store as a native installer or virtual machine for local development, or as a cloud template for the Amazon and Windows Azure cloud computing platforms. The complete package will contain the following, which are sometimes referred to as the “MEAN” stack:
• MongoDB
• Node.JS
• Apache Web server
• Git
• PHP (optional)
• RockMongo (optional)
• AngularJS
• Express
• Mongo drivers for PHP and Node.js

BitNami will add other programming languages in combination with the MongoDB stack. For now, a customer that uses Ruby on Rails would install the BitNami Rails stack…

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