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3D Systems announces $400 3D scanner

on November 8, 2013


When MakerBot released its Digitizer 3D scanner in August, it signaled 3D scanning was on its way to becoming a mainstream fixture for 3D printer users. Now, 3D Systems, which manufactures a line of professional printers and the Cube personal printer, has followed up with its own 3D scanner: the Sense, which is handheld and costs just $399.

3D Systems Sense 3D scanner

That’s $1,000 less than the Digitizer, and in line with what I (wrongly) predicted the Digitizer would cost to appeal to the maximum number of 3D printer owners. The Sense is also handheld, whereas the Digitizer is a tabletop device. It’s a matter of preference which design is better, but handheld scanners are not limited to scanning objects that can fit on a scanning bed — they can scan a whole room.

Scanners are an important tool for making 3D printing accessible to more people because they take a physical object…

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