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Hoaloha Robotics’ founder on how robots can serve a growing senior population

on September 9, 2013


Hoaloha Robotics founder Tandy Trower spent 28 years at Microsoft (s msft), during which time he managed Windows 1.0 and 2.0 before being appointed as a member of Bill Gates’ strategic staff. He began developing connections with people from across the robotics industry and became fascinated by a question: How will the U.S. take care of a growing senior population?

The answer could be assistive care robots that serve a range of tasks, from carrying objects to reminding someone to take their medicine. When outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer couldn’t find room for Trower’s robotics goals within Microsoft, Trower split off and formed Hoaloha Robotics.

IEEE Spectrum noted last week that Trower posted an update detailing the company’s move toward developing its own hardware. After initially focusing on software, Trower found that there weren’t any options that met the price, usability and safety needs for Hoaloha’s particular market. Hoaloha is…

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