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What to expect from Android 4.3: A little more sweetness for Jelly Bean

on July 18, 2013


With two leaks of Android 4.3(s goog) on different devices inside of a fortnight, it’s a pretty safe bet that Google is readying the software for a wider audience. First the Google Experience phones and now the Nexus 4 phone have Android 4.3 builds out in the wild. Google hasn’t officially launched the software, but it’s clearly testing a near-ready (if not final) build that could arrive as soon as next week for some smartphones.

So what can you expect in Android 4.3? Few new look-and-feel features; instead, most of the improvements are behind the scenes additions.

Nexus 4 in hand

Android Central installed the software on a Nexus 4 and has a video walk though available to see. The overall touch sensitivity is reportedly improved and my hope is that enhancement works across all Android devices capable of running Android 4.3. Also verified is what we already knew about the new software:

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One response to “What to expect from Android 4.3: A little more sweetness for Jelly Bean

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