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Apartment List Launches Android App For Finding Roommates, With iOS To Come

on July 17, 2013


Apartment List, an apartment search engine that uses Facebook to personalize results, is rounding out its offerings today with the launch of its new “Roommates” app for Android, which helps connect potential roomies. An iOS version will be released as soon as it receives approval from the App Store.

The app pulls information from Facebook to create a profile that includes a person’s age, education, and workplace. Users then add in budget, preferred neighborhoods, and hobbies. People who have mutually indicated they want to chat will be notified and can start up a conversation in private messaging.

When people’s primary option for finding roommates is Craigslist, Facebook provides an extra level of validation, Apartment List CEO John Kobs told us. Potential roommates can see their mutual friends as a way to get a second opinion on each other, which will undoubtedly give users a better sense of safety. The…

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One response to “Apartment List Launches Android App For Finding Roommates, With iOS To Come

  1. George Octavian Rabanca says:

    There is also this pretty cool website called rumr which uses social network to find suitable roommates.

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